Why choreograph?..... Is it the lure of stage?….. or to re-experience life?..... otherwise the heady mix of truth and fantasy......hmmmm…. well, honestly it’s an inner calling.

Impressions and experiences from wide avenue of performances along with his creative impulse have deeply influenced his choreographic works. At Lasya he has danced in different ventures which were traditional, abstract and experimental -in form as well as in content.

His traditional dance works include Samyak (1993), Bhakti Bhava (1994), Naachu Keertanache Rangee (1997) - a highly acclaimed work, Damayanti Swayamvara (1998), Rukmini Svayamvara (1999), Ritu Shringar (2000) and Ritu Vilasa (2004). Manush Biradari (2002) , Mukti (2004), Akkamahadevi (2004). Shiva- facets of HIM (2007) and Narmade Hara Hara- (2008) have received critical accolades.

A fruitful collaboration of Rajashree Shirke and Chetan Datar along with Vaibhav created the genre of Range Nritya (theatre – dance), a meaningful and symbiotic presentation of spoken words and dance – body movements. Shyam Sakhi (1999), Dvanda (2000), Mata-Hidimba (2002), a black humour play Haravlele Pratibimba (2004) and Katha Collage- Ek Yathaartha (2008) are Ranga-nritya endeavours.

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