About the Artiste

Vaibhav Arekar belongs to the new generation of intense dance artists, whose art and life is guided by the vision of promoting, producing and projecting Indian classical dance as a contemporaneous art. Utmost dedication and dynamism is imbued in his profile as a dancer, teacher, choreographer, producer, actor, educationist and an administrator.

Guiding Light

Life misguided is often ruined. Forever indebted I am to my Gurus who showed me the right path

Dance Performances

I dance … experience that romance of movement-….to reach the pinnacle of intoxication where realisation fails me, if I am dancing or dance is moving me


Why choreograph?..... Is it the lure of stage?….. or to re-experience life?..... otherwise the heady mix of truth and fantasy......hmmmm…. well, honestly it’s an inner calling.

Dance Training

In this journey of Art, I believe, it’s an opportunity bestowed on me to guide my co-travelers on the right path

Recognition & Reviews

The journey on un-trodden paths makes life meaningful
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