Vaibhav is indebted to have collaborated with some of these highly gifted artistes. He has been fortunate to have, simultaneously trained and collaborated with Rajashree Shirke and Chetan Datar.

Rajashree Shirke

A multi-faceted personality, Rajashree Shirke, is a name to reckon with. With her inspiring command over the idiom of Kathak and Bharatanatyam she is a coveted teacher, an erudite scholar-academician, a gifted choreographer, a poetess and a choroegrapher. Founder of Lasya, she is the Principal of Lasya Center for Dance Education and Research which runs academic activities in collaboration with SNDT Women's University. She had been winning accolades for her work on reviving the ancient Kathaakaar tradition of Kathak.

Late Chetan Datar

Chetan was a man of Theatre. A playwright, director-actor Chetan was respected for his significant contribution to experimental theatre in Maharashtra. His commanding presence at Awishkar- a reputed theatre company from Mumbai- brought new energy in experimental theatre. 'Savlya' a play penned by him is considered a landmark achievement of the theatre fraternity. His creation of 'Ranga-nritya' in collaboration with Rajashree Shirke and Vaibhav was a new genre in performing arts.

K A Ganeshan

Recognised all over the western India as ganeshan he is a gifted vocalist who has accompanied the best of the dancers from India. He has performed all over the world and has composed music for many solo dances and dance drama's. He is recognised for his significant contribution to dance music.

Aniruddha Shirke

A percussionist by practise he is trained in Tabla under Ustad Allah Rakha Khan, Pakhawaj under Pt. Bhawani Shankar and vocal under Pt. Murli Manohar Shukla. Aniruddha has widened his horizons by delving in music composition and has developed his own unique style by playing various percussion instruments.

Ambika Vishvanath

She is a dance vocalist, a nattuvanar and a dancer. Her soulful dance music has won many hearts. Her knowledge and command over rhythm makes her one of the best nattuvanar-s. She is a full-time dance lecturer at the prestigious Nalanda Nritya Kala Mahavidyalaya, Mumbai.

Sushant Jadhav

Sushant Jadhav, with his impressive knowledge and wide experience in the field of dance, has collaborated with Vaibhav on various dance projects. Sushant’s passion for light designing, in addition to his experience as a dancer, has enriched many a dance performances. He is a chief associate of Sankhya Dance Creations.

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