Narmade Har Hara praise of Narmada Maiyya

In India, from ancient times, rivers have been given immense honour and respect. They are venerated as benevolent Mother goddess. A dip in a holy river is said to give the devotee eternal salvation. This Bharatanatyam presentation is a mythical as well as a mystical journey on the banks of mighty Narmada.

A Narmadaavaasi who makes his spiritual journey down the river, recounts the amazing stories and visions that the river invokes. The birth of Shiva-kanya i.e. river Narmada; her pravaaha- as a mugdha, madhya and pragalbhaa naayikaa; the Narmada parikrama- the myths of the various teertha-s on her banks; finally a narrative of the chaos that results from the conflict between man verses nature and the dilemma of Narmada maiyya are the various dance images woven into the dance choreography.

Today when we have moved away from the nature, symbolised by the river here, this endeavour reinforces the need of the hour- to live in harmony with nature.

Choreographic Design : Dr. Kanak Rele
Resource Person : Dr. Puru Dadich, Dr. Sudha Seshayyan
Artistic Direction : Rajashree Shirke
Music : K. A. Ganeshan
Music conductor, vocal and nattuvangam : Ambika Vishwanath
Light Design : Sushant Jadhav
Choreography & Performance: Vaibhav Arekar

Duration: 75 Minutes

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