Corporate Shows

We believe that classical dance is a contemporaneous art. Hence we have been in the fore front in designing exclusive classical dance shows to meet the needs of the corporate world.

Be it any corporate event- a new launch or a show for visiting dignitaries we can offer progressive dance works which are placed within the classical framework yet situated in modern sensibilities.

We have effectively and successfully been able to intrinsically weave into the dance narrative the values, the images or motto of the host company. Vaibhav has co-created exclusive shows for:

Yang Ming Line Ltd.
The performance was on the occasion of the merger of an Indian and Chinese companies. The Dance performance began with the symbol of Lotus explored through dance. The Lotus is a flower of significance in both, the Chinese as well as the Indian, cultures.

The imageries of Pancha Mahabhuta-s were used to depict the various aims and objectives of the company. Highly impressed by the performance CRISIL invited our Dance Company was invited by CRISIL to create dance works for two consecutives years.

Calvin Klein’s - ‘Euphoria’
Euphoria is about a journey without limits. Inspired by a new found freedom, it’s about living one’s dreams - Calvin Klein
The theme woven in Dance:
The woman of today wants to be independent, wants to chart her own path, wants to seek that ultimate purpose of her life. Whether she is, a young girl, a youthful lady or a matured woman- each is seeking her purpose, which will create, an ‘euphoria’ in her life.

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