Naachu Keertanache Rangee

This production has materalised after 4 years of research on the Varkari Sampradaya (-tradition) of Maharashtra by Smt. Rajashree Shirke. The maharashtrian Saint Poets enhanced this tradition and enriched the literature of Maharashtra by their soulful devotional poems – abhangas. Such great philosophical sermons are given in the simplest of language, through the poetic form of abhangas.

This project works towards making these abhangas more colourful and picturesque by adapting them to the medium of dance.

Research & Concept: Rajashree Shirke
Choreography: Rajashree Shirke, Vaibhav Arekar
Music: Aruna Sairam, Jayant Neralkar, K.A. Ganesh, Ambika Vishwanath
Lights: Sheetal Talpade

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